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    Interviewer: You've said your songs are like your teachers, they're like your children. But how do you choose which children to adopt, and which children to hang on to?

    Tori: They decide. They decide where they want to go. Not all of them want the limelight. Not all of them want to come and, be on the record. Some of them don't want to work as hard as others. You know, some, like, have holidays. So they just show up. It's real obvious who wants to come, and um, there's certain ones, lately 'Here. In My Head' just keeps wanting to, um, show up. It gets a new pair of shoes and, decides it wants to go out, so I end up playing it, um, more than even some of the songs that are on the album.

    Interviewer: Just because it comes in, or, I mean...

    Tori: It shows up and, nothing else can get in. When they show up it's kinda like uh, you know, when you have to have an enchilada. You just hafta have one.

Seattle, WA August 29, 1992

    "This song got me in a lot of trouble. Um... So I only play it in certain places because many arguments happened over this song. It was bad."

Drama of the gifted child, October 27, 1992

    I can't try and write 'Silent All These Years' again. If I do, it's trying to hang onto something that came from a real place and it wouldn't come from a real place now, if you see what I mean. If I tried to write 'Silent' now it would be trying to write 'Silent' again instead of expressing something new. 'Sugar,' 'The Pool' and 'Here. In My Head' were all written this year. The others were recorded during the album, like 'Take To The Sky.'

Milan, Italy April 18, 1994

    Do you sometimes just dream and you think your dreams are when you're really living but you're really not? That's like my life all the time. I'm always in this dream of mine. "Wow this is really happening" and it's like "No, Tori, it isn't. This is just all in your mind." And this song came from that place that's like all in my mind. I think I write better when I'm all in my mind, so in a way it's kinda good that I think I live my dreams and I just enable it.

Beat magazine, July 1994

    Anthony: 'Here. In My Head' you’ve said during a show that you wish it had been given more prominence as well.

    Tori: Yeah, but that was written after the album was way out. I would have held it for Under The Pink - I was gonna hold it, because I was writing it just when I started writing 'Pretty Good Year', and should have done that.

Miami, Florida October 22, 1996

    Sometimes, um, I'm just walking along, minding my own buisiness, right? Eating something, always. A song comes and visits, right? And, uh, I would give anything, sometimes, if I could explain to you what they look like when they come, because some of them are so beautiful that, um, I don't know if I could always translate 'em the way I hear 'em, in my head.

Entertainment Weekly, October 26, 2021

    When Amos first moved to England in 1991, she found herself lonely and homesick for America. But as a history aficionado who studied European, U.S., and ancient history in school, she sought comfort at the Tower of London. "I found it easier to talk with the dead queens at the Tower, than I did to make new friends," she recalls. For the singer-songwriter, "Here In My Head" references the way Amos felt stuck between two places: "I had one foot in England and one foot in America, and the song crystallizes that."